Brand images
Moi Mimosa (Turku, Finland), 2022. A colorful, plastic free party concept built around recycled tableware.
Styling by Silvia di Iorio and Maria Begoña Lagarón

interior design concepts and moodboards
Sisustussuunnittelu Päivi Himanen (Turku, Finland), 2022.
Styling by Päivi Himanen.
topbox — movable bar unit
Topbox (Helsinki, Finland), 2021.
Images from Italian restaurant Scarpetta and restaurant & bar Glashuset, both located in Stockholm, Sweden. 
process and product images
Marian Mehustamo, 2021. Local juicery in Pyhtää, Finland.
Staff & office imAGES
Sigge Architects, 2020. Turku, Finland.
Editorial images
Scandic Trans´ magazine Delivered, 2021
campaign images
City of Turku, 2020. Recruitment campaign.
Turun kesäyliopisto, 2020
Marine biologists Anna Törnroos-Remes & Conny Sjöqvist, Åbo Akademi University, 2020