Studio Svarte is your creative partner in
photography and graphic design.
Let´s make your images talk!

My studio and office are located in Art House Turku
—assignments elsewhere are welcome, too.

Let´s start creating!

+358 40 733 9064
studio.svarte [at]
Photos by Henna Jaakkola, Heikki Räisänen, Sonja Svarfvar, Karin Arvidsson, Päivi Himanen, Minna Carpelan-Salmivuori, Jaana Orjala, Jaska Poikonen, Roosa Laksio
 Struggling with your product images? Can´t decide what kind of photos you want of your staff? Need images of your immaterial service, but you don´t know how that would even be possible?

Let me help you out! My mission is to simplify, not complicate. With my can do attitude and straight forward approach we can take your visuals to new heights!

I have a special eye for composition and details, but first and foremost: simplicity is my guiding light.

You are welcome to get in touch for photo bookings and design commissions! I serve my clients suomeksi, på svenska and in English. 

You can reach me by phone or email: 
tel. +358 40 733 9064
email: studio.svarte [at]

My studio that I share with some fellow photographers is located in Art House Turku, right in the heart of old Turku, Finland.

Studio address:
IKU Studios
Taiteen talo, 5th floor
Nunnankatu 4
20700 Turku
Companies I have worked with (photography and/or graphic design):
Boreal Bioproducts, Cailap, Designmuseo, Dispomera, Eisko, Folkhälsan, Fredman Perfect Kitchen, Hehkumedia, ID-Luxus, Juicy Graphics, Kaski Creative Agency, Kindly Creative, KUI Design, Lingsoft Language Services, Linen Connection, Marian Mehustamo, MQ Corporation, Myssyfarmi, Naantalin musiikkijuhlat, Narvi, Paimion kaupunki, Paimion Parantola, Parcero, Pomppu Lastenvaatteet, Ponsia, Powerfade, Revenio Group, Saut Productions, Scandic Trans, Scandix käännökset, Sigge Arkkitehdit, Sisustussuunnittelu Päivi Himanen, Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi, Teknologiakiinteistöt, Turun Taiteen talo, Topbox, Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, Turkuseura, Turun Kaupunki, Turun kesäyliopisto, Turun Raitiotie Oy, UMY Uuden muotoilun yhdistys, Visit Turku, Wahlroos Audit, Weasel Software, WUW Wake Up Wulf, Xampion, Åbo Akademi University, Å Communications

Companies I have designed prints and/or patterns for:
Cailap (FI), IKEA of Sweden, Hemtex (SE), Boråstapeter (SE), Crate & Barrel (USA), Nitori (JP), Yokozuna (JP), Chin-Jui Fa (TW), Eurokangas (FI), Tekstiilipalvelu (FI), Tokmanni (FI), Finlayson (FI), Carlson (FI), Kangastus (FI), Papstar (DE), Evezary (KOR), Textiles Vilber (ES), Wallvision (SE), Livington Enterprises (HK), Ludvig Svensson (SE), Novatec (UK), Living Good (CHN), Martinex (FI)
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